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Why UHS Institute of Technology?

In today’s digital economy, the importance of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, applications and services is growing at an alarming rate.

Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and robotics are increasingly being introduced.

As a result, there is need for new knowledge and skills development. In the efforts to match current skills with the new jobs created, due to the rapid technological developments, it has become a priority to acquire new technology skills to stay relevant in the job market.

UHS Institute of Technology...redefining practical education with excellence.


UHS Institute of Technology is a Christian institution and as such, all students of the school are trained to be more dependent and responsible citizens.

The school’s rules and regulations have this aim in view and are intended to encourage students to cultivate good habits and a sense of communal responsibility.

Our student handbook is to provide comprehensive information for students in their academics and other activities in the school.

Student Handbook


The school offers Scholarship schemes for needy but brilliant students and orphans at the discretion of the school Academic Board on the recommendation of the School’s Financial Aid Board.

The School Board will periodically award a scholarship scheme to the overall best student for each class at the end of the Academic year. This is to motivate other students to learn hard.

In this regard, deserving students would be made to pay only the remaining percentage of their fees for the next academic year, or receive a refund of the amount if the student had been in their final year.

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Mrs. Adjoa Baah

Principal - Admissions

Mr. James Twum Barimah

Registrar, UHS Institute of Technology