English Language


This program is for adult students who are learning English as a second or foreign Language. It is to enrich the speaking and writing skills of learners. This program is especially good for Francophones and other nationals who desire to learn the English Language.


This is for students who desire to learn English Language for the first time. This module is very basic and introduces the English Language principles, the art of speaking, reading and writing to students.

Intermediary Learners I & II

Intermediary I - This is for students who have some basic knowledge in English Language but need to build on reading, writing and speaking. It teaches students the rudiments of the English Language and takes the student to the next level.

Intermediary II - This is for students who have knowledge in the reading, speaking and writing of the English Language but are not proficient. Students learn rich grammar and advance reading skills. It builds on students’ knowledge and gets them to be proficient in reading, speaking and writing English Language.

Advanced / Professional

This is for students who have a good command of the English Language. It offers students additional skills in conceptual/feature writing, editing and proof reading.

  • This program is open to all interested students

Program Length

Quarterly Sessions
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