Computer Hardware Technology


The key purpose of our TVET Courses is to prepare of youth and young adult for work. This takes the form of learning and developing work related skills and mastery of underlying knowledge and scientific principles. Work is broadly defined and therefore refers to both formal employment and self-employment.

To support self-employment, TVET curricula often include entrepreneurship training. Related to this is the social reproduction and transformation of occupational and vocational practices.

A related role is continuing professional development. The rapid technological changes demand that workers continuously update their knowledge and skills. Unlike the past where a job could be held for life, it is common place to change vocations several times.

TVET enables that flexibility in two ways. One is providing broad based technical knowledge and transversal skills on which different occupations can be based on. The second is providing continuing vocational training to workers.
In contrast with the industrial paradigm of the old economy, today's global economy lays the onus on the worker to continually reinvent himself or herself.

Year 1

  • Health & Safety
  • Computers
  • Data
  • PC Power Support
  • Principles of Common Electronic Components
Year 2
  • Electronics II
  • Digital Design
  • Operating System Installation & Configuration
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Electronic Drawing
  • PC Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Computer System Trouble Shooting-I
Year 3
  • Computer System Trouble Shooting II
  • Electronic Drawing II
  • Computer Networks I
  • Computer Network II { Local area Network} LAN
  • Network Operating System & Protocol
  • Router Configuration & VLAN
  • Network Management , Security & Trouble Shooting
  • Web Page Designing

  • Good pass in BECE & Other relevant Courses or its Equivalent

Program Length

3 Months

Admission Cycle

Throughout Year
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